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Voice-over-IP = Media Convergence

The technologies for transmission of language, data, video and control signals all developed at completely different times. Until very recently each device needed its own technology:

  • Analogue phone systems, ISDN, door intercom Systems, management voice applications
  • Analogue television, digital television, DVB-T
  • Radio systems (analogue, DAB)
  • Mobile phone networks (UMTS, GPRS, GSM, LTE)
  • Broadband video- and Television systems (analog, HDTV, IPTV)
  • Radio networks (UKW, UHF, VHF, HF)
  • Serial control wires
  • Two-wire lines

By now all types of media can be transferred through the intra- and internet. This is especially useful where a quick set-up for a connection is needed; for example in emergencies, during expeditions and military missions. It can also be quite useful when trying to reduce weight and space taken up, like in planes, on submarines and on ships.

tele1Control Panel Technology

Heimann Engineering introduced the first complete Voice-over-IP based control panel in 2001.

The emergent components have been in use in the German army since 2001. From 2006 onwards also in Afghanistan.


tele2Network Management

Networks are the most essential components of every IT infrastructure. It is the duty of the network management team to detect malfunctions at the time they happen, to isolate them and, if needed, to correct them in time.

Heimann Engineering has already developed and executed network management systems with up to 20 000 network components.


tele3Special Equipment

Heimann Engineering has access to the whole Voice-over-IP Stack. In this way Heimann Engineering can also provide solutions that go far beyond the usual standard Voice-over-IP solutions.

Where else could you still be sure that no NSA code is disturbing your privacy?

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