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Software Verification and Validation

To implement development goals successfully, it is important to start with an exact concept and a clean design. A modern software development process takes this into account. By means of the validation and verification process, it is to be proven that the chosen concept and design meets its objectives.

Within the validation, the set up of requirements are reviewed. Whereas the verification examines the question, of whether the requirements have been implemented correctly.


Validation and Verification (V & V) starts with requirements management. During the requirements management process the following aspects are determined:

  • How the requirements are validated/ verified
  • When the requirements are validated/ verified
  • Who validates / verifies the requirements

Customer’s Benefit

Validation and Verification are not done just for the sake of it. By serving as a planning foundation, it is possible to create transparency and acceptance: Interfaces can be implemented at an early stage which enables a fast supplier integration. Also a thorough documentary gives the project a clean basis.