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Software Specification

Specifications describe functional and non-functional requirements to one project element. During the creation of a system specification, for example. While creating a system specification, for example, the requirements of the specifications are generally the foundation, which in turn are used as the basis for the segment specification. According to the project size and the architectural designs this separation is carried out at different levels.

The relation of each requirement to the superior level is to make sure that only those requirements are finalized which the customer demands. If this would not be taken into account, over-engineering could occur. This would lead to more work and more costs for the product features, which are not at all wanted by the costumer.

For Heimann Engineering, software specifications are both a helping tool during the creation of the architecture and a parameter for downstream examination. Specifications are only useful when they are kept up to date. Within the process of application tracking it is made sure that all requirements of a project element are incorporated on the next level.