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Software Integration

Each software product contains many small building blocks, so-called software modules. With these, it is possible to build components, later units and segments and finally the whole software product. This construction, the integration of the software, corresponds to the software architecture. The integration plan describes the way in which it is put together.

It has been proven that it makes no sense to first test the software once it is finished. Instead, it has been beneficial to test the smallest building blocks: Software modules with unit tests, software components with component tests, software devices with devices tests, etc. to ascertain the quality of the software. Depending on the complexity of the final product, the integration process is closely interlinked with the testing process.

Heimann Engineering documents all processes, tools and environments for installation and integration in detail. Starting from the software modules up to the final product – on all levels of architecture.

To keep costs down, test are automated from the beginning onwards.

For long term support, that is, the life span of the product after acceptance, Heimann Engineering offers the implementation of an independent support and maintenance program.