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Risk Management

Detecting, analysing, evaluating, supervising and controlling risks

Nobody wants to take risks. This is why risks have to be detected, analysed, evaluated, supervised and controlling. Heimann Engineering operates a risk management system, which has been certified successfully according to the strict regulations of ISO 13485.

Risk management is, like the whole quality management, an ongoing process, in which planning, implementation, supervision and improvements are happening continually.



For our products – especially our medical products – this applies for their whole life span. The economic value of risk management is the reduction of the probability of various crises through more transparency concerning risks:

  • Threats are identified
  • Causes and effects are documented
  • Probability and effects are analysed
  • Arrangements for detainment or elimination of the risk are made
  • Risks are monitored using risk indicators
  • Risk relevant processes are documented and evaluated