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Requirements Management

Nowadays, the discussion before the start of a project is hardly ever on whether or not the requirements should be defined, but rather, on how much it will cost.

Requirements should be unitary, consistent, complete, non-conjugated, traceable, current and unambiguous. The requirements should be ranked according to priority. In this way, economic decisions for the implementation can be made more easily. With a sufficient amount of detail, each supplier and developer is be able to develop and implement a technically optimal system.

Heimann Engineering keeps record, if not agreed otherwise, of requirements in functional and performance specifications, technical concepts and of a total System specification. These are designed in a way in which they can be edited using a computer. This means that each individual requirement is saved in a data bank, supervised, traced and linked to other software development tasks.

Wherever possible or requested, we can also use your requirements management system (e.g. DOORS, PTCS Integrity, RequisitePro, …). The use of RegIF-Format is very popular in Germany – it allows the transfer of requirements between various requirements management systems without any loss of data.