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Project Management

Reaching the target safely!

This is the noble, holy aim of every project manager. Planning, controlling and regulating all tasks and activities of the team. Faults are to be detected and modifications are to be made. It highly depends upon the project management whether a project is done within the time and budget it was planned with.

Project initialisation, project planning, project execution and project completion are the central activities the project management is concerned with. Depending on the size of a project, different orginisational Framework requirements can be agreed on with the client and documented in a specific project manual. The same procedure can be achieved for a project plan or a risk listing.

Task lists have to be recorded and caught up on: starting with the setting up of an appropriate project management infrastructure, the making of decisions, followed by writing of reports for internal and external communication up to the conclusion of the final report.

Heimann Engineering uses the “one face to the customer” strategy, which involves the client always having someone to consult in case of a problem – for internal as well as external projects. In this way we expect to offer premium customer service, improve customer satisfaction and lower the loss of information through the involvement of third parties.