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Problem and Change Management

The concept behind problem management is to investigate the demand for modifications and to spot and eliminate faults during the development of the software or during its use.

Change requests or reports can be made by any party (user, developer, supplier, client, etc.). All change requests and reports are then collected, evaluated and taken care of.

Even though this may sound fairly bureaucratic at first, this process does have some essential advantages:

  • Problems are not being overlooked
  • Everybody concerned is being informed in an appropriate way
  • Important decisions can be made more quickly.

For bigger projects, Heimann Engineering can install the “Trouble Ticket System” for you. In this program all modification requests, faults and problems are being administered. With this system, each fault receives a “ticket” and is, depending on which type of processing (workflow) has been agreed on,  then transferred to one of our specialists to evaluate and solve it. When facing decisions, a change management board can be installed, which can make technical and economic choices.