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The German Bank

Do you want to have the same security technology as the German bank? With Heimann Engineering you are right on track!

Alarm systems

For victims, security services or the police can be alerted quickly with the right raids and alarm systems (I & HAS). For credit institutions alarm systems are mandated.

Intrusion Alarm Systems

Prevent burglaries, thefts and robberies by deterrence. In an emergency, notify an assisting service. The retention of bank robbers and thieves are minimized. Reconstruct burglaries. For these cases intrusion detection systems are constructed.

Video surveillance

Advocates of video surveillance welcome the investigation of crimes and the preventive effect on potential offenders. Even the simplest monitoring systems significantly reduce the vandalism.


Alerting Server

Unfortunately, there are always disasters this cannot be avoided. To keep potential impact small, emergency plans must be drawn up. For the effective operation of contingency plans, alerting servers can help.

Faster than any human that is capable of:

  • summoning assistant and
  • to warn persons concerned


In the last millennium there have been few gun rampages. For example in Saarbrücken in 1871, Bremen 1913 and in Bath in 1927 and in Volkhofen in 1964. In recent years, the number increased dramatically. Reliable prevention is desirable. With technical measures, the direct and resulting consequences of a rampage can be minimized.