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Heimann’s developer London getaway

10. September 2015

Software developer Simon has been rewarded for his ten years seniority with a trip to London.

Our colleague reported, upon his return, with enthusiasm all about his London experience.

Surely it would take weeks to explore London – Simon was able to see many high-lights on his four day trip.

Simon bei St.Pauls London_IngHeimann Simon_BigBen_IngHeimann










From St Paul’s Cathedral (pictured above left) the trip took them to the Tower Bridge just in time for the ceremony of the “Changing of the Guards” at Buckingham Palace, the home of the Royal Family. The Piccadilly Circus, the Trafalgar Square and Big Ben (photo above right) where some of the high-lights on the list of London attractions.

Simon_MadameTussauds_IngHeimann Simon-London von oben_IngHeimann


At Madame Tussaud’s (pictured above) Simon was in good company, and at the Natural History Museum he admired the diversity of nature. In Hyde Park, he then inserted a relaxing break to internalize the numerous impressions.

We hope that Simon enjoyed his trip to London and has taken home many long-lasting impressions.