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Christmas Dinner 2016

9. January 2017
For our Christmas Dinner this year we all came together at “the Felle” im Immenstaad. With our other halves we were once again invited to […] Read more

Merry Christmas!

5. December 2016
It’s Christmas soon and with it comes the time of reflection. We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. We hope you […] Read more

Birthday Suprise for Brigitte

4. October 2016
At the same time as our summer Event we were also celebrating Brigitte’s birthday. As we were all gathered at the Italian’s for lunch, we […] Read more

May the force be with you

29. September 2016
For our summer event this year we were faced with yet another challenge. This time we asked ourselves how we could all work against our […] Read more

Nothing but appointments

7. December 2015
Who doesn’t know that time when the new year is just around the corner and you’re anxiously trying to fit a holiday in midst of […] Read more

Free calendars

4. November 2015
Come and get your own free calendar on 25th Nov 2015 between 11:30 – 13:30h in the canteen of Airbus DS Werk 1. Read more