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Medical Technology

Medical technology is our latest business segment. Since 2012 our quality management system meets the standard of EN ISO 13485. The 13485 DIN is the norm, which represents the requirements for the manufacture of medical devices.



Without ifs and buts: we are talking about health – and even human lives. Reliable medical devices can help to maintain health. Maybe even to improve it.

Embedded Systems

Many medical devices have their own internal software. These are realized frequently with so-called embedded system technologies. On a narrow area – near real-time – the sensors are read and the actuators controlled.

Doctor’s Office 4.0

As much as technical sophistication is planted in a medical device – it can only called efficient when the doctor can use it for his diagnosis. A clean, reliable representation, a time-saving data management are part of our interpretation of suitability.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Complex measuring results, presented useful help in the most critical situations to keep an overview and to make correct decisions.

Touchscreen ECG

Did you know, who was the first company to present a Touschscreen ECG at the exhibition MEDICA? That was the company Heimann Engineering. Your future software partner.