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Measurement Technology

Our first development order was a metrology development assignment. For a new and complex experiment, a simple control and measurement software was to be developed. For 12 years now this software remains virtually unchanged and is still in use. The client was able to configure this software to his needs.


Implement interfaces

In metrology it is firstly necessary to access the instruments correctly, secondly, the measurement results can be readout exactly.

Support measurement scenarios

The more complex the product, the more complex are the scenarios in which measurements have to take place. Under certain circumstances, refrigerators, heating systems, CO2 filters, flamethrower or simple conveyor belts have to be accessed. Any manual action is expensive, which is why in the long run measurement processes have to be automated.

Inspection records and databases

As beautiful fully automated measuring and test cases are, in the end test reports and certificates have to be created and managed. In the meantime data space has become so inexpensive that it is well worthwhile to renounce paper management completely. Cost-efficient database management systems can also provide companies with an adequate information management system.

Automation in the SME sector

For many machines produced in the small and medium size business sector, the mass production begins with the second exemplar. Automation not wanted? Not at all. Many tasks and modules are even here not invented for the first time. Through a modular automation up to 75% of all test procedures can be used again alone though configuration.