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Heimann Engineering for the Industry

The future of the industry is determined by the software running it.

The future of the industry is dependent upon its software. The digitalisation of industrial processes makes the production smart and fast. Efficient and agile production Environments enable a seamless Integration of design, planning, engineering, production and support.

We develop software for the industry

Prompt delivery times

The global market generates competition and time pressure. Hence production environments need to become more efficient than ever. There is no way around software in industrious processes. Small and minute production series require individual actions, for which there is no standard software available in store.

Make your product stand out

Expertise about modern software technologies helps your enterprise to make your product stand out by distinguishing itself from others. In this way you will reach a quality with which it will be possible to compete successfully in your target market.

We cover your project overwork

We are more than glad to cover all your temporary needs for software engineers. Our emphasis is on:

  • Aviation
  • Astronautics
  • Defence Technology
  • Telecommunication
  • Medical Technology

We develop software according to Do 178C and ED-12B


DO-178C, also known as Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification, is a standard of software development in the area of aviation. Security in this field is indispensable. It was developed by the RTCA (Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics).

Viele unsere Mitarbeiter arbeiten seit Jahren nach den Standards der Do-178C. bzw. ED-12B. Und dies in allen Stufen DAL A bis E (Design Assurance Level).


The European aeronautical authority (EADA) has completely  adopted this standard. In Europe, it is officially called ED-12B. The EADA demand this Standard in the software development for purposes in the field of aviation. Via documentation the software development process is verified.

Many of our collogues have been working according to the Do-178C and the ED-12B standard for years – from DAL (Design Assurance Level) A to E.

Test Automatisation

Software according to Do-178C can also be tested in an automated manner, however, the testing sofware then has to go through the certification process itself.

We develop software according to ISO 13485

DIN EN ISO 13485

DIN EN ISO- 13485 is a norm within the field of medical Technology. It describes the requirements of a vast management system for the design and production of medical products. The current edition was published in 2003 and replaces previous documents, such as, for example, the EN 46001 and EN 46002 (both published in 1997), the ISO 13485 (published in 1996) and ISO 13488 (also published in 1996). In Germany today the DIN EN ISO 13485 is implemented by companies.

Heimann Engineering has been certified since 2012

For years, Heimann Engineering operating Quality Management System, has been successfully been verified by the TÜV.

Place your projects into our hands

Our main competence is the development of industrial software. We have had years of experience in the field of aviation, aeronautics, defence technology, medical technology and telecommunication. We are glad to support you in any way we can. May it be because you yourself don’t have enough time, because software development is not your emphasis or because of other reasons.

Project Definitions

It is up to you to decide to what extent we get involved in your projects. By means of a project analysis we will show you problems and potentials. Extent, contents, costs and duration are discussed. In some rare cases it is  supplemented by a feasibility study.


The wheel does not need to be reinvented. Wherever it is possible to cut down costs, we work with economic standard components which we then integrate within our individual software. Our system and software architects are experts in how to develop low-cost solutions.

Project planning

As we are a team of over 30 knowledgeable specialists, it is easy for us to prepare a group that suits your needs in regard to knowledge, tasks, capacity, content and costs. On the basis of so-called mile stones, you can track the progress and so decide on your payment and price arrangements.

We take on responsibility

We take responsibility for the whole project process. Effective controlling saves the progress made and enables quick reactions to possible faults. Modification requests are documented and integrated in the pre-existing plans.

Fixed Prices

Guaranteed fixed prices will give you security in your planning process and give you the carefreeness you need to focus on your core competence.

 Your advantages:

  • your software is realised at the highest possible standard
  • certified processes, norms and standards guarantee the quality of your software
  • Extensive and complex tasks can be implemented within a short time

An experienced and extensive infrastructure is already waiting for you.