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Heimann Engineering for small and medium-sized businesses

The software buying decision

We develop software for your product.

Your product is the definition of perfection. The only thing that is missing: The connection to the IT world of your customer.  This is where our part comes into action.

Custom-fit software to suit the needs of your customer

Save time and money by letting our software specialists  create software exactly according to your customers’ wishes. Let our team investigate the demands of your customer and develop the perfect software for his needs.

Focus on your core business

Good software is determined by the developer’s skill and experience. Nowadays not only the product itself, but also the software running it determines its quality and its potential on the market.

Also today, not only the product quality but also the software buying decision is important. Focus on your core competence. Together we will create your perfect product.

Boosting productivity by improving the tools used

Even hundreds of years ago

the ancient Egyptians were able to advance greatly by replacing copper tools with iron ones. With the Industrial Revolution steel then boosted productivity further to enable large-scale productions.

Tools made from high-speed alloy steel, carbide metal and with titan or aluminium oxide alloying again improved productivity to allow production to get increasingly economic due to shorter production times.

Nowadays, however, the number of large scale productions is decreasing. At the same time small scale productions and sophisticated products gain popularity. Often mechanical improvements hardly make a difference. Instead, custom-fit software can increase productivity. We have collected ideas with which you can render your production processes more efficient:

Visualise processes

A picture is worth a thousand words:

  • Your customer needs to know when the delivery is scheduled. The answer comes via mouse click.
  • Do you want to use your resources more efficiently?
  • Is an ERP solution too expensive for your needs?

Secure your investments

Having a Plan B

Imagine you have only one employee developing your software. What if he or she happens to be involved in an accident or suddenly decides to retire? Do you have anybody who could take over at such short notice? If not, could your company make up for it?

Our solution: Let the employee’s documents be written down. Ideally written by an external software architect or developer also by a manual recorder. Our staff is experienced in the documentation of software development. This is beneficial for a third party to understand the procedure. Although the successor will not be able to step in within a day period, with this procedure it usually happens faster.

Improving projects

As long as your domestic software projects are solely present in the heads of your employee, only he can think of improvements.

Only when the architecture, the requirements and the implementation are documented, is it possible for an external (or other internal employee) to identify weaknesses and make improvements.