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Defence Technology

The field of defence technology has had a long tradition at Heimann Engineering. Heimann Engineering has been particularly engaged in the supply of defence technology – even before the company itself was founded.


The Cold War and the Eurofighter Typhoon

The first time the founder of Heimann Engineering stood next to the Eurofighter Typhoon, was when he was still an apprentice. Originally, this plane was planned to be a fighter aircraft in response to the Warsaw Pact, however, later it was changed into a multirole combat aircraft.

The Army as a Client

The army needs equipment which is functional, efficient and modern. It is furthermore essential that any equipment they receive is also compatible with those of the army’s allies. To fulfill the demands of both the troops and the advance in technology, the obtainment time needs to be kept short.

Customer Product Management

Within the army the supply and demand of the troops is determined through the “CPM” (Customer Product Management). Contracts within various fields can be made at different stages of the CPM, such as:

  • research and development contracts
  • the allocation of software solutions
  • joint user agreements
  • contracts during the time of usage

Heimann Engineering’s Role

The army’s various weaponry systems are as diverse as the assignments Heimann Engineering has processed in the past years. With cooperation of our partners, we have assumed the following roles so far:

  • project manager
  • requirements specialist
  • software architect
  • software developer
  • database architect/specialist
  • scrum master
  • product owner
  • integrator
  • supporter



For the last couple of decades the focus of Heimann Engineering has always been in the development of software – with the clear objective to meet the requirements set by the  government. These have always valued the most productive and the least faulty technologies. Heimann Engineering has been following these technologies – from C in the 1980s, passing by C++ and JAVA, up to C# today.

In remembrance of our cooperation in the execution of our project “System EloKa KFOR modified” from March 1999 to November 1999.>