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Industry Expertise

We will realize your ideas You have an idea what an innovative software for your product should accomplish? You have an idea how the interface of this modern software should look like?

Software development according to EN ISO 13485

Software for medical devices in Germany are liable to the German Medical Devices Act (short in German: MPG) and the EU Directive 93/42 / EEC. As a medical device manufacturer you preferably would want to concentrate on your core competence and not also deal with risky software development. Heimann Engineering is a Medical Technology Specialist and has specialized in this field. As a strategic partner, we will create the software that will enhance you. It will be custom-fit for you and your customers.

Software that will make the life of your customer easier

Your customer is not impressed with the technical sophistication of your product and for him it is not a buying decision? The customer only wants your product if he can use it without a long learning curve and with little effort. Only if the surface of your customers fit. Only if the entries are self-explanatory. Heimann Engineering as a Medical Technology Specialist who can fill this gap.

Order transaction

You have an ERP software (enterprise resource planning) in use and you only use 5% of its capacity, and still it does not cover your needs? Despite a 6-digit cost and annual bonuses? Could it then be sensible to develop a solution that is limited to your needs? Again, this is a performance of Heimann Engineering as a Medical Technology Specialist.

Production / Logistics

Does your customer also have this vision? These requirements can hardly be met without the use of IT. But where to get the right software? Is there already a standard software that maps your production? Heimann Engineering as a Medical Technology Specialist has the right product for you.

Remote maintenance / diagnostic systems for your products

Do you use a TV remote control? Who is prepared to stand up and to adjust the volume? Use this system also for your technicians. By doing this expensive business trips can be reduced. Could your company also benefit from a remote maintenance software? Imagine how tankful your customer would be if you could save him from a production fault. If you could, for example, inform him, with your diagnostic software of a failure of any item. The development of software for remote maintenance and diagnostic systems is a part of Heimann Engineering.

Individual software for your product

Our employees identify with you your customers’ needs and create tailored software for your product. With customized software, you can stand apart from your competitors – use this competitive as an advantage, also use our expertise in software development for medical devices as an advantage. Unique software requires a lot of experience and skill. Save time and costs and let software specialists develop software according to your standards. Quality “Made in Germany”.

Our four steps to your success:

  • Conception
  • Requirements specification
  • Realisation
  • Implementation

Nearly every modern product required software.

Stand out with a unique, easy-to-use and an innovative software solution!