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Why Us

Heimann Engineering offers key services for the development of customized Software. We are the key to your success. We are happy to add value to your product with the right software, so that your customer can find all the features that he Needs.

Your product – your name – your logo

We are “only” your competent service provider for software development. We are the people that stay discreetly in the background when it comes to retail presentation and your grand entrance. Your recommendation (placed on our website) is always welcome.

Focus on core business

Heimann Engineering assumes responsibility for your tasks so you have more time, energy and resources for your main aspects. Focus on sales volumes, customer satisfaction, higher market shares and the development of new markets

Access to cutting-edge technologies

You are welcome to fall back on our experience of several decades and our technological know –how. We keep up to date with our knowledge.

Cost reduction

Through many years of enhancing qualified and experienced employees, our Quality Management, new technologies and the right cooperation model, the company Heimann Engineering is privileged to save you unnecessary functions and costs.

Avoid paying unnecessary dues. We can help.

Partnership with mutual profit

Heimann Engineering sees itself as a strategic partner for your software development. We don’t deliver unique personal service hours and are then no longer available. As an Engineering company, we are concerned with you needs on a long term basis. Our employees are important to us. They are permanent and long-term employed. This enables us to be your long term partner, a specialist for software development and implementation.

Effective implementation

Heimann Engineering designs, develops, manages and supports all business processes throughout their development. To save costs and to increase profits, we operate with a better, faster, smarter and more profitable development model.

Reduce peak demand

Typically today, project business cannot cope with a constant flow a work load. The amount of daily work cannot be kept on a constant level. This might anger the customers. Heimann Engineering enables you to reduce you peak demand avoiding angry customers and additional personnel.

Qualify own employees

To provide the most effective solution, there are often only a few things that you need for a specific problem. If you are ignorant, trials, tribulations and additional costs are inevitable. Let your employees look over our shoulder.

This is how you save time and money!