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Name Gunnar Heimann
Company Heimann Engineering
Marital status married
Children a marvelous daughter
Head office Lindhalden 8, D-88682 Salem
Degree Engineering degree
Phone +49 (7545) 949 98-20
Fax +49 (7545) 949 98-11
Mobil +49 (176) 20 62 67 58
1. January 1965 born in Friedrichshafen
1971-1982 Schools in Friedrichshafen, Bermatingen and Markdorf. Degree: advanced technical college entrance qualification
1982-1985 Training as tracer at vocational college. Field: aerospace
1985 Employee as tracer at the company Dornier, Immenstaad
1986-1987 Soldier in compulsory military service. Field artillery battailion 101, Pfullendorf Release service grad: corporal
1988-1993 Academic studies: advanced technical college for Technical Computer Science, Ravensburg-Weingarten, Degree: graduate engineer
1988-1993 Student Assistant to finance academic studies: Founding of „H&H ComputerSysteme“ later „H&H DatenTechnik“, copartner, managing director and software developer.
1993-2001 Copartner, managing director und software developer for H&H DatenTechnik, Friedrichshafen
Since 2001 Company holder and managing director Heimann Engineering (Ingenieurbüro Heimann)